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Although these questions are not, strictly speaking, ones that I have been asked frequently, I decided to use a familiar concept as the mental shortcut for this section. However, FAQ makes a terrible-looking headline, so I have given the page itself a reasonably accurate title.

Where the hell have you been for the last two years?

I never cease to be astounded by the accuracy with which even matters of timing correspond to the fictitious universe that inspires various aspects of this website. To make a long story short, the upheavals in my life which began in late 2015 have been so monumental that Iíve had to re-examine my entire belief system in a very harsh and confronting light.

For a while there, I was starting to wonder whether the central premise upon which Iíd built my whole worldview wasnít in fact a misconception. If this had indeed proved to be the case, I would have shut this site down. Fortunately, I came to the conclusion that I had been right from the very start, and ultimately the tribulations Iíd endured only served to reinforce and clarify my position on some very, very fundamental questions about the human experience.

I have provided a more detailed overview in an extended retrospective I recently uploaded to YouTube. Please check it out, or read the pdf on the Downloads page, if you wish to learn more.
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Where are all the practical suggestions you keep talking about to help people attain their dreams? All I see here is a bunch of random blog shit.

Around the middle of last year, I prepared a detailed presentation on this subject. Although the presentation itself never quite eventuated, as such, I am in the process of rearranging the information into a series of blog posts and associated audio recordings. The first of these will summarise my recommended approach, and it will be available soon. The remainder will ultimately be compiled into a free ebook, to be made available for download from this site, followed by a more extensive online publication. If there is adequate interest, I may look into delivering a print publication on demand as well.
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You seem like such a happy-happy-joy-joy guy. Doesn't this conflict with the always-angry Kuze we see in Second Gig?

There are two reasons to explain the apparent discrepancy between what you may read here and what is shown in the anime. The first, and more significant, is an issue I shall address soon enough. The second is something I can discuss immediately.

What kind of individual would three million people look to for hope and practical assistance? An angst-ridden, perpetually furious mercenary? Or a deeply idealistic, but demonstrably utilitarian, free thinker -- albeit a fiercely serious one -- who offers real and practical solutions?

I believe my animated counterpart is depicted as he is in the series because we see him mostly as he appears to, essentially, his enemies -- not how he appears to those he is dedicated to helping. In my interpretation, the onscreen Kuze is beset by almost unrelenting adversity, but nevertheless finds reason to believe in what he is doing -- which is directly analogous to my own situation.

Virtually no-one inspires others by feeling sorry for themselves. It is my carefully considered decision to overcome the difficulties in my life and drench myself in as much beauty and hope as I can distil from every moment, that makes me believe I can be a source of motivation for others who are living in turmoil, crippled by hardship, and who want to succeed in spite of such things -- except they are perhaps uncertain as to how they should proceed.

Believe me, I do a lot of frowning in the Newtonian world. I have no interest in pretending otherwise; that would be deceitful. However, just as I specifically choose to let go of the negativity I am confronted with, I also would rather celebrate and share in the wonders of life, instead of scowling publicly at my misfortunes.
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Iím confused. You throw down on New Age self-help gurus, and yet you call scientists hypocrites too. Whose side are you on, anyway?

I am on the side of truth. As I will explain in more detail soon, I have no objection with ďNew Age self-help gurusĒ as you call them, if they offer genuine and quantifiable assistance. And as an aside, I use similar nomenclature to describe the myriad charlatans exploiting people who are as greedy and/or lazy as they are gullible.

By the same token, I have the utmost respect for scientists who humbly acknowledge the limits of our understanding rather than treating science as an excuse for ignorance in exactly the same way as some religious types do. My experiences have led me to conclude there is truth at both ends of the ideological spectrum, and one of the greatest obstacles to attaining a holistic view of this truth is the incredibly powerful human compulsion to think in polar absolutes.
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Well I think you're contradicting yourself, and all that tree-hugging hippie crap/hardline scientific shit is a load of nonsense. Why should I waste my time trying your ideas?

It is simply a matter of how intensely you yearn to have your dream fulfilled -- or more precisely, which goal is more important to you. If what you really want most of all is to prove to yourself that life is meaningless and that there is no point in trying, then your wish will surely be granted. If only the alternative were so easy.

Is your dream important enough for you to sacrifice your ego at its altar, to admit you might have been wrong about your limitations? Or is it the dream you will sacrifice instead, just so you can forever gorge yourself on the comfort of your own bitterness, and try to drag others down when they yearn for something so badly they would rather die trying than surrender?

What you believe is not my problem, but if youíre going to criticise my recommendations without trying them, then I reserve the right to refrain from wasting my time on interacting with you. I cannot guarantee you will achieve your heartís greatest desire, but I >can< provide you with ideas that, assuming you apply them, will bring you significantly closer to whatever it is you wish for.

Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again: I am not in the business of selling unrealistic promises to the desperate. My overriding purpose is perhaps most simply summarised as helping people appreciate what powerful tools they already have at their disposal for building the reality they desire. Additionally, I can share the results of my own (rather exhaustive) trial-and-error experimentation in learning to operate these tools -- or at least, the techniques which have worked well enough for me that I feel confident in vouching for them.
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Where have you been for the last two years?

Where are all these practical suggestions you keep referring to?

Doesn't your upbeat nature conflict with the always-angry Kuze we see in Second Gig?

Who do you side with: scientists or spiritualists?

Why should I waste my time trying your ideas?

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