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Those precious few people who have visited this site since its inception will know that the Downloads page was under construction for more than three years. Part of the reason for why this page has been completed at long last is that it complements my new YouTube channel, providing additional resources for anyone who may benefit from them.

You are welcome to download, share and redistribute the content below, on the following three conditions. Firstly, you must not modify or delete the content or tag information in any way; secondly, you must include a link back to this website along with the mp3 for download; and thirdly, you must not charge people money for listening to these recordings. If you wish to use the audio from one of my recordings on a YouTube vid that you have monetised, please contact me and I am sure we will be able to negotiate a very reasonable percentage that we are both happy with.

I have also provided a transcript of each recording in pdf form, incorporating functional hyperlinks where relevant. Please right-click and choose ‘save link as’ or equivalent command to download.

Audio files

The story so far (mp3)


The story so far (pdf)
The silence of sleeping armies (mp3) The silence of sleeping armies (pdf)

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