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The reality of my life is such that the time I have at my disposal to do as I desire is desperately limited. I do not watch TV*, for example, because if I really do have half an hour or so with nothing at all better to do, it is a much higher priority for me to spend it sleeping.

Part of the reason for my temporal poverty is related to how much I must work in order to meet my considerable financial commitments. If I was responsible for the future of three million refugees in real life, I would probably resort to salami-slicing in the spirit of my animated counterpart, or some other illicit scheme capable of financing a revolution. However, my daily expenses do not exceed what I can earn through an honest dayís work, therefore I canít justify obtaining money through illegitimate means.

I eke out what living I can through a writing and editing business in the Newtonian world, and although my future prospects have recently become brighter than I ever dreamed possible, in the short term Iím still living hand to mouth. I already put much of my available time towards this website -- because when all is said and done, it is a labour of love before anything else.

Above and beyond that, the harsh bottom line is that the only way I can devote more time to this project is by carving it out of the hours I spend earning money. I donít have any formal counselling qualifications, so I donít think I could reasonably charge an hourly rate for communicating with people who require one-on-one assistance. (Even though I have  rendered such assistance on a voluntary basis in the past -- once again, reducing the time I have left for anything else.)

Another way to frame this is that for every hourís worth of donations I receive, I can devote an additional hour of work towards compiling insights that may help people make their dreams come true.

You would be justified in wondering about whether your donation would be put to good use, when this site is a rather haphazard collection of unconnected thoughts and philosophising that could perhaps be described as a touch directionless. I do actually have an over-arching plan for drawing all these disparate ideas together into a cohesive whole, and in fact I did put together something of a masterclass or seminar at one point, but sadly the turnout did not justify a repeat. I plan to reinvest this collateral into several new forms, eventually: a YouTube tuitional series, a mini ebook, and a more elaborate (60-70,000w) print-on-demand publication.

Unfortunately, once again, my painfully limited resources impose a cruel ceiling on how much time I can devote to this project -- so until my big revolutionary idea pays out, Iím afraid this stack of colourful ghostcards floating around in cyberspace is the best I can do.

If you do get something out of reading my thoughts, if you are curious about what I might be able to deliver when I am putting 40 or 50 hours per week into this site, then you have the power to make a difference. Even your throwaway change is warmly appreciated: think of the button on the right as a virtual guitar case flung open before someone who is pouring their heart and soul into the music they are sharing with you.

Even if you have no personal use for this digital concerto, I hope you may be kind enough to help me continue presenting it, for those who may need it more than you do, while being genuinely unable to contribute themselves.

My sincerest thanks and kindest wishes to you, traveller of the virtual world.
-- Kuze hideo

*Excluding the occasional nature documentary or science-fiction series which I enjoy with my family. However, this comes under the heading of Ďquality time with my soní rather than Ďmeaningless waste of timeí.

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