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Without going into excruciating detail, the reality of my life is such that the time I have at my disposal to do as I desire is desperately limited. I do not watch TV*, for example, because if I really do have half an hour or so with nothing at all better to do, it is a much higher priority for me to spend it sleeping.

Part of the reason for my temporal poverty is related to how much I have to work in order to meet my considerable financial commitments. If I was responsible for the future of three million refugees in real life, I would probably also resort to salami-slicing or some other illicit scheme capable of financing a revolution. However, my daily expenses do not exceed what I can earn through an honest day’s work, therefore I can’t justify obtaining money through illegitimate means.

I would much rather devote that honest day’s work towards helping people instead of burning time at my essentially meaningless and superficial day job. I already put most of my available time towards this website -- because when all is said and done, it is a labour of love before anything else. But in addition to that, for every hour’s worth of donations I receive, I can devote a further hour of work towards writing insights that may help people’s dreams come true, and to personally communicate with those who require one-on-one assistance.

As with an ebook I plan to release (when I have written it), I see this scenario as a self-correcting equation. If I am successful in achieving my objective, then those who I have helped will see the big picture, and want to play their part in it. The blunt truth is that making a donation represents the best way to do so.

On the other hand, if people endeavour to apply the insights I offer, and they fail in their efforts, then my service is inadequate and does not warrant financial support in the first place. Such a bogus source of aid will -- and should -- eventually wither and die.

I am not asking for much: in fact, the only thing I would ask is for you to remember that I am not a rich man, and even your throwaway change is warmly appreciated. Think of the button on the right as a virtual guitar case flung open before someone who is pouring their heart and soul into the music they are sharing with you.

Even if you have no personal use for this digital concerto, I hope you may be kind enough to help me continue presenting it, for those who may need it while being genuinely unable to contribute themselves.

*Excluding the occasional nature documentary or science-fiction series which I enjoy with my wife and child. However, this comes under the rubric of ‘family movie night’ rather than ‘meaningless waste of time’.

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