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There are many paths to this artificial island over the cyber-ocean, but the one most likely to have brought you here is that you were seeking Hideo Kuze in some capacity.

Well, in essence, you have found him. Those of you familiar with the fictitious character from S.A.C. 2nd GIG  would do well to visit my About page in the interests of circumventing potential confusion. If you have only heard the name ‘Kuze’ in Disney’s recent trivialisation of the Ghost in the Shell  universe, then you will probably have a more profound misconception of who I am and what I stand for.

Life can be very difficult -- sometimes outright cruel -- and it is easy to become trapped by the belief that we have no control over how our destiny unfolds. I am no stranger to such crises of faith, but I have also been supremely fortunate to enjoy a few successes so remarkable that they defy rationality. And these attainments have served to cement my own conviction that individuals truly do have the option of shaping their own future.

Information has long been associated with power, and the information I offer freely can enable you to verify for yourself what remarkable power is at your disposal. At the very barest minimum: if you have been searching for something to believe in, then that is something I can definitely help you find.