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Electric Glow (Tritonal)

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Regardless of whether you have been led here by a background fascination with Ghost in the Shell, or you have followed a link from one of my numerous side projects, you were presumably seeking Hideo Kuze in some capacity.

Well, in essence, you have found him. I may not have three million refugees clamouring for my attention, but I am quite certain that there are at least as many people who feel exasperated and powerless at the reality in which they find themselves, and would like to attain much greater fulfilment than what they believe is available to them.

To give you a brief overview, my central motivating factor in establishing this artificial island over the cyber-ocean is equip those who feel they are prisoners of circumstance, with the tools they need to empower themselves, that they may shape the world they occupy into one that is as close as physically possible to the kind they dream of.

Those of you familiar with the fictitious character from S.A.C. 2nd GIG  would do well to visit my About page in the interests of circumventing potential confusion. Those of you who are not, have either found your way here on the wings of unbounded curiosity, or because you have been looking for something to believe in.

If the latter is true for you, then this is something I can definitely help you find.

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Status @ 2016-09-12-2047UTC

Today, I am enjoying one of those rare moments when all the stars of my inner firmament are in alignment and I am in perfect harmony with my place in the universe. I don't just feel amazingly good: I am focussed, decisive, and have a sense of preterhuman clarity about precisely what I need to do in order to progress towards my destiny.

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